Sunday, 2 April 2017

THE WATER INS Lluís Domènech i Montaner CANET DE MAR

Hello, we are Lluís Domenech i Montaner high school’s students in Canet de Mar.
We want to talk about our beach. 
On 31st January of 2017 we went to Canet de Mar beach.

We used these materials:
  • ·        A camera
  • ·        Mobile application with geolocation
  • ·        Carafe of 5l for the sea water
  • ·        Thermometer 
  • ·        Container for the sand
  • ·        A pen
This is our beach:
Imatge inserida 1
North view

South view

West view

East view

And last week we went to the laboratory to do some experiments.

The first had the aim to compare the diferent density of water.
The results are that:
Salty water is more dense than fresh water.
Cold water is more dense than hot water.

The other experiment had the aim to see convection.
When we put cold and hot water together, they form convection current cells.

And we studied marine currents in our beach
In our beach, the currents come from the Noth-East as we can see it in the photo.  There are all the currents near our beach comming from the North.

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