Friday, 7 April 2017

Activity 2

Oceans de la Frau experiences;

Last Tuesday 28th 1 Mach, our class went to the beqacfh. From 13:00pm to 15:00pm we did activities about "The Water". He had to fill up a container with sea water and take data about the water.

We went to the break whater of the "Esquirol beach" (Cambrils, Vilafortuny). We impresed the thermometer tied in a fishing line, 2 metres to calcfulate the temperature of the water during 10 minutes. We repeated the action one more time.Also we took pictures of locations of the beach.

Finally, when  we collected all the data we went back to the school.

Another day we did the experiments:

The first experiment was based on showing the diffrerences in density among salty, hot and natural water dyed in different colors with food colorant. The salty water was yelloy, the natural water was blue and the hot water was red.

First, we put some salty water in one tray because is the water with more density. Then we added the natural water and finally we put the hot water, too. 

So that way the tray had threee levels of water. On the top one the red, which was hot, in the middlle the natural water which was blue and the last level, at the bottom the yellow water which was salty.

In the second experiment we introduced boiling water in a small glasss and an icecube in another one. After that we put cuater in a bowl and we placed that bowl above the other two small glasses. Then pour the red food colorant drops into the water on the boiling glass and 3 blue drops on the ice, creating a circular motion where the cold water moved down and the boiling above.

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