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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Audioguide (Activity nº 5)


We are very pleased to see all the good work you are doing! While you are finishing off the infographic of the marine species we are moving on to the last activity of the Oceans project: the audioguide!

Activity nº 5: Audioguide
Objective: create an itinerary of the 'Fish Route', specifying the location of the fishing grounds, port, fish market and other information of your interest!

ICT suggested: Eduloc >> 

Source of data:
  • Survey you have already done
  • Internet
(Teachers will supply you with the tutorial of Eduloc for Oceans)

Label of the post: audioguide
Deadline to complete the form: 2nd April
Suggestion: We recommend working in teams, where every group is in charge to look up different kinds of information.
Please remember only one audioguide per class!

All the best!

The S'Agulla Team

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Comments from Sharky! (The Sand)


So you have already gathered and analysed the data referring to the sand!
Let's have a look... (data updated 29th March 2016)

Ok, first of all I would like to remind you that it is very important to know where your data comes from, so you must write your coordinates as accurately as possible. This is the little problem that I see with the Liceo Scientifico Alberti, removing the decimals gives you the coordinates of a point inland between Maracalagonis and Burcei, not your beach. Also Ins Front Marítim should go over them, since they are a little inland too. You can check it up by entering your coordinates on Google Earth.

Now let's have a look at your data. This is very interesting, you have natural beaches and beaches that have undergone artificial nourishment. The difference is that the size of the grains of sand (granulometry) on natural beaches is going to be more even because they have been selected by the action of wind, rivers, waves and currents during their transportation. Artificially added sand has more of a mixture. So let's analyse the natural beaches of L'Estartit, La Fosca and Castell first. 
Finish the sentence:
(1) The finer the sand is, the ......................... (narrower/wider) the heap of sand is and the beach face inclination tends to be .......................... (steeper/flatter).

Now let's have a look at the beaches of Poetto and Mar Bella. They both have the same inclination of the beach face, but the diametre of their heaps of sand is quite different. 
(2) Looking at the diametre of the heaps of sand: which beach has finer grains?
Finish the sentence:
(3) Looking only at the diametre of the heap of sand Mar Bella is like .........................(L'Estartit/La Fosca/Castell) beach and Poetto like ......................... (L'Estartit/La Fosca/Castell).

(4) Would you give the same answers when looking at the inclination of the beach face? What do you think it has happened?

All participating schools are invited to answer on this same post, just press on the 'No comments/comments' link!

And you can send your data if you haven't done it yet! The Sand >>

Looking forward to your comments!!!!!