Saturday, 8 April 2017

Atmosphere and Hydrosphere on Sant Pol de Mar

 We are the students of 1st eso from the Sant Pol de Mar's highschool.
Every week we study 3 days the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere of the beach.
The research zone is located in Sant Pol de Mar at
Latitude 41.59892
Longitude 2.61971

Looking at Southeast
Looking at Northwest
Looking at Southwest
Looking at Northeast

This is our research material.

Atmosphere and hydrosphere are two fluid systems related and all the changes in one affects on the other. So we consider to study both together to get more data to understand their dynamics. 


Data collected:

- Atmosphere temperature (thermometer)

- Wind Speed (anemometer)

-Wind direction (Compass - Where it comes from) 

-Sky cover (0 (no clouds) a 8 (totally covered))

-Cloud classification (Sky watcher chart NOAA)


Data collected:
-Superficial water temperature  (Themometer)

-Description of the Swell and Wind Sea (Direction where it goes)

-Wave frequency  (waves/minute)

-Map and Profile of the Beach Research Zone Morphology
(Describing the Berm, Swash zone, Sand Size and other Biology elements)

In the laboratory research, we can see that surface sea temperature water at one of the coldest sea month of the year (March) has increased during the last 10 years more than 1ºC in our research zone.
Now it's time to think about it all together!!

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