Thursday, 15 December 2016

CONGRATULATIONS and see you at sea!!!


First of all I would like to congratulate you for all the hard work. WELL DONE!!!

You have done lovely presentations to introduce yourselves and showed us a little about the bit of ocean that you enjoy!

Now we know that the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is not even. Compared to last autumn average SST in the West Atlantic Ocean is colder than in previous years, but looking at the Mediterranean Sea it is warmer! Pity the satellite data of the West Pacific Ocean had some error values. By the way, NASA reports that the problem with these data has been solved! 

Only one school managed to measure the Secchi depth, but it is an important measure to know indirectly how much plankton there is in the water. Remember that plankton is the base of the marine food chain.

The beaches you have been surveying in the Mediterranean Sea have hardly any tides, but in the Atlantic and Pacific are of over a meter!

And yes, thanks to the marine currents you have described, we can really talk about one single Ocean that we all share!!!

The sand can have very different colours. And you've experimented that different grain size produces different beach profiles!

And it has been fantastic to know your ‘marine menu’. So some of you love red shrimps but others only have fish. Definitely I will not be eating every day the same thing with you!

I'm now having fun with your audioguides. And looking forward to seeing the rest. You can still post them before the 25th!

Thank you so much for your collaboration!!!!

See you at sea!


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