Thursday, 1 December 2016

Comments from Sharky! (marine species)


I can't believe the exciting menus you are showing me in your infographics! 
And I can see that the species that you make more profit are not the same ones that you catch more of, interesting... as a shark I also think that not all the creatures in the sea are as tasty, ha,ha!

Now I have a question for you. Looking at the infographics of the other participating schools, which specie has surprised you to find? 
Please leave your comments; I would love to hear your opinion. 


PS: Here you have the link to the Esteem's Academy infographic >>  didn't want you to miss it! 

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  1. We are surprised that places near us have different rankings.... and to see that there are similar species like tuna etc. in far away places like America. One BIG BIG ocean as we learnt.
    Infographics of our colleagues are very good and Esteem's Academy's one very well organized and visual. Next time we will practise with Piktochart with more time! PLenty of fish for you Sharky... Bon profit! Enjoy the meal! hehehe


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