Monday, 15 February 2016

The Water in l'Estartit

On our way from Torroella to l'Estartit, through the old path

L'Estartit beach, left-hand side

L'estartit right-hand side

Les Illes Medes in front

A microplastic on the beach sand

Some macro plastics on the beach

A close image of the tide gauge located in the Port

Mr Pascual, an expert in Meteorology showing us the tide gauge installed in the Port. He has been gathering data from l'Estartit during more than 25 years, it is all published in

An image of the port, with a Cormorant on the water

This is the Secchi Disk we made, even though we were not able to use without a boat.

Some example of the fish caught by some fisherman that day

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  1. WOW! What a fantastic way to get to the beach! Thank you for showing me such a precise gauge and for letting me see what there's going to be on the menu if I come over to see you! WELL DONE!


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