Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nova Marbella Beach, Barcelona

This pic is of Marbella's beach coast. ( Class B)

At the front of the beach, there is a football pitch, Agapito Fernández, but in this photo it's not well appreciated.

At the left, there are some skyscrapers, and at the end, a big solar panel.

At the right, we can see some schoolmates of Front Marítim and Boo Restaurant. At the end, there is a big sledge.

In the sand, we see some microplastics like this piece of blue plastic, and some macroplastics, like a Fanta bottle and a comb.

We can't see any fish or any water animal. We see a pigeon. We see a seagull too, but we can't take a pic of it.


  1. Hello! Thank you for letting me see your beach! Do you think I will be welcomed if I come over to see you this summer?

    1. Of course ;D Hope you want to play with us in the beach, but don't bite us please!


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