Thursday, 4 February 2016

 January 28th  - Poetto's beach 8:30 a.m.

Mssimo: our photographer ! ( Badia, Federico and Valentino are good as well).

This is a particular snap of  Valentino.

Measuring  the temperature with a thermometer hanging on a fishing pole

The water  was very clear, no plastic objects were to be seen. Lots of sea gulls in the distance.
While approaching Marina Piccola, we saw more starfishes, sea cucumbers, spirographs and different fishes, also two ducks: a couple of mallards.

The Devil's Saddle with Marina Piccola  where Riccardo, Chiara, Andrea, Mauro, Matteo C. and  Matteo M. have interviewed the fishermen.

Francesco and Federico are collecting something for the aquarium

Federico collected two starfishes, an alien gastropod mollusk, originally from the Read Sea  (Bursatella leachii -), two Sea goats (granceola - Maja squinado) and a carnivorous starfish (Coscinasterias tenuispina). We threw back these last ones into the sea. 

The fishermen are preparing the octopus pots.
(A liitle bit of fun  for Riccardo.)

At school Federico, Giorgia, Eleonora have settled the latest guests in the Mediterranean aquarium.

That's it!

In our classroom we have calculated the average temperature of Cagliari's Gulf: 18.95°C!

This is a beautiful picture of  Poetto's coast.


  1. WOW! You have invented a new way to measure Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and even found exotic species, BRILLIANT!!! I'm clapping with all my fins ;D


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