Monday, 15 February 2016

Comments from Sharky (The Water)

Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with your surveys, the photos are FANTASTIC! And I'm also looking forward to see the rest!!!

Ok, you have sent some data regarding the water, so let's have a look... (data updated 14th March 2016. To see better the data click on the table and download it.)

Ups! I'm afraid that coordinates for some beaches are not quite clear. Liceo Scientifico Alberti you need to add if the latitude is north (N) or South (S) and the longitude East (E) or West (W), Institut Palamós 2B your coordinates are in the middle of the sea and Institut Palamós 2D I'm afraid that there's the longitude missing and that the tidal range is measured in meters (not ºC!)... 

You can send the data you want to correct to Carol, the coordinator of the Oceans Project. at She will be very happy to update the information for you!

I see that you are all in the Mediterranean Sea but depending on the location the years of maximum and minimum SST oscillation are different and....
WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! Is the Mediterranean Sea like a lake???? You hardly have tides! But is it really???????

Ok, some of you have commented on currents and winds. So let me show you how much the water moves around in the Mediterranean:

You will find more information about how this video was produced HERE>>

But if you want to know the names of these currents have a look at this figure
Reference: Talley at al. (2011) Descriptive Physical Oceanography. An Introduction. Ed. Elsevier. Chapter S8. More>>

Can you tell me the main surface current that passes by your sampling area? 
You can answer by leaving a comment on this post! (Just press where it says 'No comments' and leave a comment)



PS: And don't forget to post the photos of your beach if you haven't done it yet!!!

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  1. Hello Ins Front Marítim 1C and 1D, thank you for sending your data. Very interesting conclusions!


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