Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Marine species (Activity 4)

Hello! While you are finishing off activity nº3 the Sand, we are moving on to the next activity.

Activity nº 4: Marine species
Objective: create an infographic of the 10 most important species caught by the fishermen of your closest port using the ICT Piktochart >>

Information included in the infographic per specie:
You will have to sign in, choose the option infographic, scroll down, choose the first template (Create your own infographic) and start editing.
An infographic is made by blocks, in each block you will describe one specie with the following information:
- Photo or some kind of illustration that allows its identification
-Common name in the local language
-Common name in English (only if local language is not English)
-Scientific name
-Percentage that represents the annual turn over
-Percentage of tonnes captured annually
-Any other information of YOUR INTEREST!

Once you have finished you can publish it and post the link provided by Piktochart on this blog to share it!

Source of data:
  • Survey
  • Internet
(Teachers will supply you with the information about the survey, webpages and tutorial of Piktochart)

Label of the post: species
Deadline to complete the form: end of the month
Suggestion: We recommend working in teams, where every group is in charge to look up different kinds of information.
Please remember only one infograph per class!

All the best!

The S'Agulla Team


  1. It's possible to have more web's for helping us to do the work??For using you need to know which fishes you have. Thanks.

    1. Hi Puigcargol! I am afraid that this data is so local that you will not find it on the Internet. Your closest professional fishing port is Palamós, so we suggest to get in contact with the 'Confraria de Pescadors' of Palamós or our collaborators of the Museu de la Pesca of Palamós. Both of them will be able to help you. Regards!


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