Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Comments from Sharky!!! (The Water)

Hello!!!! I'm Sharky and the S'Agulla Team have told me that you are studying my environment, the SEA!!!

So let's see what have you found out so far...

Ups! IES Tres Turons and IES Frederic Martí still have to put up their data. Come on, we are looking forward to know what the sea is like where you are!!!

Wow! Is the Mediterranean Sea like a lake???? You hardly have tides! But is it really???
As soon as we have the data from the other beaches we will see if it is all even as in a lake or different...

In any case I will give you a hint: now with the activity number 3 you are also going to look at your beach from above. What shape does it have? Is it a straight strip of sand as you find in lakes or is it rather triangular? 

If you still cannot understand what may be the cause of your results you can always ask the collaborators of the Oceans project. Your teacher has a detailed list!

Great to speak to you! And please post the photos of your beach, do not make me cross the whole Ocean to see it!!! THANK YOU!!!


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