Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Comments from Sharky (The Water)

I'm happy to see so much progress!
Thank you IES Puigcargol class A for introducing yourselves, it is a pleasure to meet you too!

So let's see what your sea looks like...

Ups! IES Tres Turons Class A, I'm afraid you will have to go over your GPS coordinates. You must say if the latitude is either north or south and your longitude east or west. By the way, are you sure your location is at longitude 42º?

And IES Tres Turons Class B, check-up the year with the largest and smallest SST oscillation it looks like you have got a little confused there.

Ok, so you all insist that you live around a sea that is like a lake because you have no tides!!! But is it really? Then how would you explain the differences between the monthly SST and your data, Puigcargol and Tres Turons don't have the same results! And you don't agree either with the year of smallest SST oscillation. How is it possible?

As I told you before, have a look at the shape of your beaches, it might give you an idea. Otherwise you can always ask the collaborators of the Oceans project. Your teacher has a detailed list!

Looking forward to your comments, data and photos of your beach!!!


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