Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Comments from Sharky (The Sand)


I see you've been having fun with the sand. Thank you for sharing it on the blog!
Now, let's see what have you found out...

How nice to see that all your beaches are so different and colourful! And sorry to hear you have some plastic mix in it too. More than once I've got a fright with some plastic bags, yuck!

You've done a good job analysing the origin of the sand, the shape of your beach and the effect of man structures. And especial congratulations for IES Jaume Almera for their discussion about artificial beaches. You've got it right! On an artificial beach the sand is not so compact. The reason is that the sand has not undergone the selection that natural forces such as wind and waves do. Even having finer sand, the grains are more disorganised, there are more empty spaces among them so the action of the waves will be more effective, making beach faces steeper and taking the sand away.

Hmmm... This is interesting, all of you have similar heaps of sand and the inclination of the beach face is the same except for IES Ramon Berenguer IV. Their sand has similar size, so how is it possible that the beach face is almost flat?

All participating schools are invited to answer on this same post, just press on the 'No comments/comments' link!

Looking forward to your comments, you are doing GREAT!



  1. Hello we are INS Lluís Domènech i Montaner and we have an idea about what makes the beach flatter in INS Ramon Berenguer IV. We have been looking at google maps and we have seen that the beach is so near two harbours so that maybe there are no waves and so the beach is flatter than our.

  2. Hi, excellent answer! CONGRATULATIONS!


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