Sunday, 6 November 2016

Comments from Sharky! (The Sand)


I see you've been having fun with the sand. Thank you for sharing it on the blog!
Now, let's see what have you found out...

Happy to see that you have got more accurate in giving your GPS coordinates, but SI Badalona remember to include if they are North, South, East or West. You have made me swim a lot to find you!!!

I see that most of the beaches have undergone some kind of strong transformation due to natural or artificial causes. They definitely alter the shape of the beach!

However, answering the last question, when sand is added artificially to a beach, there is a bigger mixture of grain sizes than what you find in nature. This is because they have not been selected by the effect of wind, waves and currents. This bigger mixture helps the sand to pile up more easily.

Now, going back to your data try to finish the sentence:
Beaches with finer sand tend to have a ________________ (steeper/flatter) beach face.

All participating schools are invited to answer on this same post, just press on the 'No comments/comments' link!

Looking forward to your comments, you are doing a great job!



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    Sorry Sharky, we did not want you to swim that much! You don't need to go to the gym this week ;)

    We missed the N for Latitude and the E for Longitude. If you are interested in the coordenates of the city of Badalona, here you have (you can't swim here!):

    41° 26' 49.158" N
    2° 14' 42.117" E

    And your challenge: Beaches with finer sand tend to have a FLATTER beach face.

    Thank you Sharky!

    1. Hello SI Badalona, thank you for the clarification. I'm looking forward to seeing your menu of marine species. I need some food after so much swimming!

    2. Yes, SI Badalona, the finer the sand the flatter the beach face tends to be. WELL DONE!

  3. Hello! Does everybody agree with SI Badalona?


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