Monday, 24 October 2016

Comments from Sharky (The Water)


First of all, on behalf of the S'Agulla team and myself, we want to send our best wishes to the friends of the Esteem Academy (Orlando, FL) that have been hit by hurricane Matthew. Hope that everything is ok with you now and we're very happy to see that you are managing to send your data. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

So let's see what do we have so far (updated on 11th November):

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just gone for a swim to all your beaches and all the coordinates are CORRECT! Try it yourselves putting the coordinates on Google Earth!
However, as you can see there are many different ways to write them. For the next time, just put them up as the Escoles Freta have done with a couple of decimals more. In some areas those decimals make a big difference. Thanks!

By the way, Escoles Freta, you mean that you did the survey on the seventh of October and not November, right?

Hmmmm... I see that Stella Maris Ursuline Highschool have had some problems with the data from NASA. Not only in your area I'm afraid. In some regions the land does not seam to be masked properly and that's why you are getting those values above 40ºC. NASA is working on it to solve it. However, if you do have such large values, dismiss them!

Pity only one of you has managed to take the Secchi depth measure. However Escoles Freta, you do have nice clear water.

And YES!!!!! I agree with you that there's just one ocean interconnected. Excellent physical explanation and good idea to use the marine debris of the 2011 tsunami as a marker. BRILLIANT!

Ok, now let me ask you a couple of questions and you can leave your answer using the comment option of the post. Students can also participate individually!

1. None of you coincide with the years of major and minor SST oscillation. Knowing that the sea has a great influence on the climate, do you think that the climate change is going to be the same around the world?

2. And looking at the tides... WAIT! What happens in the Mediterranean sea, you have NO TIDES??? After watching this video tell me what all of you think about it!
You will find more information about how this video was produced HERE>>

And thank you for posting those lovely photos of your beaches. I'm looking forward to see the rest!



Update 11th November: Hello IES Font Marítim 1C. Happy to see that you have finally presented your data. Let's see... Ups! I'm afraid you've forgotten to put in your coordinates if it's North or South and East or West. Could you go over it please? And try to do it in the standard format as agreed, thank you!
I'm afraid there's also been a little confusion with the tidal range. It is not the time of the day of high and low tide, but the vertical difference between high tide and the succeeding low tide. Could you tell me how many meters is that for you please?
You can leave you answers on the comments options of this post. THANK YOU!
And I'm looking forward to the rest of your data!
Best wishes, Sharky

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