Friday, 16 September 2016

Welcome! (Activity 1)


Welcome to the Oceans project!

I'm Sharky and I'm going to help you with the Oceans project. Let's start with the first activity that you will share on this blog:

Activity nº 1: a presentation to introduce yourselves. 
Minimum information required:

  • Name of the class
  • School
  • Town
  • Country
  • Image of the students
(You can add any other information of your interest)
Format: all formats accepted
Label of the post: presentation
Deadline: 26th September
Please remember to put the title on the title box of your post, otherwise it will not com up on the list of posts!

As well you can start deciding on the beach you are going to survey and prepare the gear you will need: containers, a thermometer and a Secchi disk!
Your teachers will provide the information you need.
The data gathered will be required in the next activities.

Looking forward to meeting you!!!



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