Monday, 2 May 2016

Audioguide: The fish route in Poblenou 1st ESO Front Marítim

TEXT AUDIO GUIDE: The fish route in Poble Nou
INS Front Marítim, Barcelona 1rESO 18-4-2016

We have create our audioguide, using information we have collected from our class project "Where does fish we ate come from".
First we went in pairs or alone to see fish and fish labels in nearby fish markets. From information found we wrote in a chart the name of the fish and the location where they come from, and upload all data in Google Drive application.
In class we collected all information, and each person, or grup was in charge to create an Eduloc information point, or write the description of the point, or upload images of different species in the sea point where they come from. 

These are the FAO ocean zones, origin of the fish that we found on Poble Nou fish markets, in order of importance (from more to less):
    • FAO zone nº 37, Mediterranean Sea= 37,77%
    • FAO zone nº 27, Atlantic Ocean North-East= 30,94%
    • FAO zone nº 34, Atlantic Ocean Middle-East= 15,32%
    • FAO zone nº 51, West Indian Ocean= 2,91%
    • FAO zone nº 41, Atlantic South-West= 2,16%
    • FAO zone nº 21, Atlantic North-West= 1,74%
    • FAO zone nº 47, Atlantic South-East= 1,36%
    • FAO zone nº 48, Atlantic Antarctic= 1,07%
    • FAO zone nº 31, Atlantic Middle-West= 0,53%
    • FAO zone nº 61, Pacific North-West= 0,33%

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