Saturday, 2 April 2016

ACTIVITAT  2 (Anglès)
Disc de Secchi
We asked our friends from the “W.A.C” if they could make us a Secchi disk for the project.
First we went to the beach, but it didn’t sink at the water because there weren’t enought deep and we couldn’t hired a boad because there are oney boats at the summer.
Then we went to the river, but it isn’t deep enought so we couldn’t do the activity.

Mostreig de l’ aigua
We went to “Marquesa ” the beach from Riomar and there we took 10L of water, we needed two containers to do the experiment.

Experiment 1
To do the firs experiment, we took a 5 cm tall pan and we put a lift to pourthe water. We put a glass of ordinary water. Then we put an other glass of water but this from the beach and  with green colouring. We put is glowly from the less deep side and we saw that the water at room temperature avent down .We add an other glass of cold water with blue coloring we did the same with glass.We saw that this water with red couloring .We repeat the same.This stayed on the others.

Experiment 2
To do the second experiment we took two identical cubs, one with hot water and the other with cold water. We put a 4 cm tall pan on the cups and put ordinary water on the pan. We wired 5 minutes and then blue colouring at the side of cold water and green colouring at the sideof  hot  water. The blue colouring went down and the green (dona voltes ).


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